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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive.

Hopefully, I am able to answer your question below. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Q: Do you offer natural services? (bareback blow job, cum in mouth, cum on face, etc.)

A: No. I do not offer any natural services. I take the health and safety of myself and my clients very seriously and hold myself to a high standard of health and cleanliness. There are several diseases and illnesses that can be caught through the simple act of an uncovered blow job.

Q: Do you offer short services? (10/15/20 minutes, or "blow-and-go" services)

A: No. My shortest service is 30 minutes. I do not offer a shorter service than this. I also no longer offer 45 minute services.  


Q: What is your favourite thing in the bedroom?

A: This is one of my favourite questions. I love it when a man has the intention of giving pleasure as well as receiving pleasure in a booking. Outside of the bedroom, I love it when a man dresses smartly, treats me with respect, and speaks to me with clarity and kindness. Inside the bedroom, I love sensual touching, kissing, and stroking my most erogenous zones. Caress my inner thighs, rub my back, and play with my hair, and I am guaranteed to be putty in your hands.


Q: Where are you located?

A: I am located in a private discreet apartment in Innaloo, about 20 minutes from Perth CBD. Please ensure you allow extra time during peak hour. For safety reasons, I cannot send my full address to anybody that does not have a confirmed booking, as I'm sure you can understand.

Q: Do you have parking facilities available?

A: Yes, there is paid street parking directly outside of my apartment ($3 per hour).


Q: Why do you blur your face? Can you send me a face photo to verify that you are the real girl?

A: I blur my face in my photos to protect my identity and anonymity. Just as your discretion is important, mine is too. I cannot send face photos to you, however I do have a lot of partial-face photos on my website. 


Q: Why don't you offer this particular service? Could you do it just for me?

A: Some girls offer particular services, some do not. Just as you prefer certain things in the bedroom, an escort is entitled to have her own boundaries too. I do not offer rough sex, BDSM, role play, anal sex, brown shower, natural services, or any potentially dangerous services because it is my choice not to. It is as simple as that.

Q: Do you accept trades for your services? (i.e. drugs, alcohol, goods and services, etc.)

A: No. Unfortunately, I can only accept cash as a form of payment for my services. Just like with any other professional offering a service, I like to make sure my income and expenses are accounted for at the end of the month. And I can't balance the books with a bottle of wine now, can I?


Q: Do I need to bring my own condoms?

A: No, not at all. I am always prepared with a variety of condom sizes, as well as lubricant, massage lotion, fresh towels, clean linen, shower gel, mouthwash, sex toys and so on. If you are allergic to latex, please let me know in advance and I will arrange an alternative type of condom.


Q: Should I bring some beverages for us to share?

A: As a general rule, I do not drink alcohol while I am working (no, not even just one glass). I like to ensure I am in a perfect state of mind to fully enjoy the pleasure between us. However I am not opposed to you having a drink or two if you choose to. I do however provide a selection of non-alcoholic refreshments (orange juice, lemonade, and still or sparking water).  


Q: What happens if I cum quickly? Do I have to leave right away?

A: No, absolutely not. If you would like to leave after you have cum, you may. However, as a standard part of my bookings, I offer MSOG (multiple shots on goal). This means that if you wish, you can have multiple rounds of sex within your allotted booking time. If you are not feeling up to another round, I am happy to lay with you and bask in the blissful afterglow of sex. We can use up the rest of your time with cuddles and kisses, casual chatting, or a relaxing massage. I will never shuffle you out the door before your time is up.


Q: I’m not sure what’s allowed and what’s not allowed?

A: Communication is key gentlemen! If you are not sure, just ask. I will be very upfront about what is okay and what is not okay. If you’d like to do your research before we meet, please read through the list of services that are included in each experience (you can find them under the “Experiences” tab on this website). If you have any questions, I would very much prefer that you ask, rather than just trying something out that we haven’t yet discussed.


Q: What if I am running late or early for my appointment?

A: As a courtesy, it is always best to let me know as soon as possible if you anticipate that you may arrive late. Similarly, if you may arrive early, please communicate with me first to ensure that this is okay. As a general rule, arriving more than 15 minutes either side of your arranged booking time will make it extremely difficult for me to accommodate you. As with any other business, I run on a schedule and I have preparations to attend to during the time between bookings. I can be flexible within a 15-minute window, however any longer than that may cause problems.


Q: I’m having such a great time with you. I don’t want it to end. Can I extend midway through our booking?

A: This is dependent on availability. Provided that I have no other bookings arranged for the subsequent timeslot, I would be happy to extend my time with you. Bear in mind that this may not be a possibility on my most popular days (Fridays and Saturdays).


Q: I am not a single guy. Are you sure I can get away with this?

A: It is not my business to meddle in your relationship or to judge your choices. All I can do is assure you that I operate with the utmost discretion. Please let me know if you would like me to go light on the perfume, and if I should avoid using scented massage oils and moisturisers on you. I will oblige without asking questions. You are of course welcome to have a shower at the end of the booking as well.


Q: Will my belongings be safe in your apartment?

A: Yes. I lock the door from the inside so that I can feel safe and secure while enjoying my time with you. However, I will not be offended if you choose to take your phone/wallet/keys to the bathroom with you, if this makes you feel more comfortable.


Q: Will there be anyone else in the apartment when I visit you?

A: As a safety measure, I never work alone. My friend Lexi Quinn shares the apartment with me. I do have additional security protocols in place should the need arise. However, you will not come into contact with anyone else other than myself and Lexi, unless a situation gets out of hand. Provided that you do not threaten me or make me feel unsafe, I will be the only presence you come into contact with during our encounter.


Q: Will I cross paths with other clients when I visit you?

A: No. Never. I pride myself on being professional and I value your discretion. I always leave ample time between bookings, to ensure that you will not awkwardly intercept with other clients.


Q: Do you have hidden cameras in the bedroom?
A: No, I value your privacy. What happens in the bedroom will stay between us. However, I do have other precautionary measures in place should things get out of hand.


Q: Why do you have to do the health check before the shower? I am a little embarrassed for you to look down there before I have had a chance to get clean.

A: It is very important that I conduct a health check before you have showered and before you use the toilet. This is because water or urine may wash away some signs of STIs (such as discharge or strong odour) before I have a chance to identify them.


Q: Why do you insist on subjecting me to a health check when we are going to use a condom anyway?

A: Condoms effectively protect against STIs that are transmitted via genital fluids, however they are not quite so effective with those transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. Some infections (such as herpes virus or pubic lice) can occur outside of the boundary covered by the condom. Also, occasionally accidents can occur with condom breakage or slippage. It is therefore always best to be as cautious as possible.


Q: What if I already showered at home? Do I need to shower again?

A: Yes. A shower is mandatory for every client, for every booking. Just as you like to have an encounter with a working lady that is clean, fresh, and smelling delicious, I appreciate the same courtesy shown to me regarding your personal hygiene.


Q: What happens if I fail a health check?

A: If you fail a health check for whatever reason, and have booked a full-service session, I am happy to change your session to a massage with hand job happy ending. If you would rather leave instead of switching to a massage service you are of course welcome to. I am more than happy to offer you a full refund of your money.


Q: When does my booking-time start? Is the shower included in my time?

A: Your booking-time begins when you step into the bedroom. I charge for my time, rather than for only the sexual portion of the booking.

Q: Do you have smoking facilities at your apartment? Can I smoke in the bedroom?

A: As I do not smoke, and have many other clients that are also non-smokers, it would be disrespectful for them to have to walk into an apartment that smelled of cigarettes. Furthermore, my rental contract does not allow smoking inside. So I must show respect to my landlord by adhering to their rules. I would also appreciate if you could make use of the mouthwash provided before we begin with the booking.


Q: I know your profile says you do not do drugs, but do you mind if I bring some along for myself?

A: I offer a completely drug-free encounter. Having drugs on the premises makes me feel a little uncomfortable and I would prefer not to be around it at all. I respect that some people enjoy using drugs recreationally, but it would be best to save that until after your time with me. I'd be happy for you to bring along a bottle of whatever you would like to drink though if you wish.


Q: I don't want to have penetrative sex. Do I still need to pay full price?

A: Yes. Regardless of whether you are omitting penetrative sex from the booking, sexual services such as DATY, blow job, kissing etc. are considered girlfriend experience services and you must pay full price. Similarly, if you want to leave out some included services in your experience but still have sex, you still must pay full price.


Q: I finished before our booking time was over. Do I get a refund for the remaining booking time?

A: Unfortunately not. However, as previously stated you do not have to leave immediately after the sex or sexual service is over. If you are the type of guy that can go more than one round, I offer MSOG (multiple shots on goal) in my service. If not, you are more than welcome to spend the rest of your booking time cuddling, talking, or receiving a sensual massage. If you choose to leave immediately after you finish that is okay, but I cannot offer a refund for the time not used, as it is time that I have reserved for your booking that I cannot reassign to another client.