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Cancellation Policy

Please take the time to read my cancellation policy carefully before making a booking.


If you make a booking with me, it means that I have set aside that time slot for you, and turned other potential clients away. I have also set aside time before your booking to get ready, and time after your booking to clean my room and bathroom. I always allow ample time between appointments to ensure I am refreshed and looking perfect before I greet a gentleman at my door. Which means that your booking is not just for a specific time slot. It actually takes up much more of my time behind-the-scenes, not just the time we spend together between the sheets.


Escorting is no different to any other line of work in that I am running a business. Like many of you business-men, I too lose time and money because of unreliability. I understand that life can sometimes get in the way. It's common to get held back at the office or have an emergency that you need to attend to. If you contact me within a fair amount of time prior to your booking, then I am of course happy to reschedule for another day. However, if you cancel a booking at short notice, or simply decide not to turn up for no apparent reason, then you will be required to adhere to my cancellation policy.


If you choose to make another booking in the future, you will need to make a bank transfer of 50% of the booking cost beforehand, and wait for it to clear into my account before the booking can be confirmed. (So, you will need to make the deposit around 3 business days before your booking in order for it to process).


Thank you for your understanding.

Are You On My Blacklist?

Every escort has a Blacklist: A list of clients she chooses not to see for one reason or another. Below is a list of reasons why you may have been added to my blacklist:


Sending explicit photos.

Unless a lady specifically asks you to send a photo, do not send one. It is the fastest way to get your number blocked.


Offering drugs/alcohol as a form of payment.

While I enjoy a glass of bubbly from time-to-time, I can't take a bottle of champagne to the tax office at the end of the financial year. Escorting is my work, and as such, I need to be paid with legal tender. I am not a heavy drinker, and I do not under any circumstances take illicit drugs. This is something I do not negotiate on.


Asking for natural services/services I do not offer.

If you're after a specific service, find an escort that offers that service. Don't waste the time of an escort that doesn't. She will not take time out of her day to explain why she does things a certain way when it is quicker to block your number and move on to liaising with a genuine client.


Consistently proving to be unreliable.

Fool her once, shame on you. Fool her twice... blocked. If you consistently fail to turn up or cancel bookings at short notice, it's a surefire way to get blacklisted. Escorts do not have time to wait around for unreliable clients when there's money to be made elsewhere.


Negotiating price.

This one is fairly self-explanatory. An escort places her rates and services online because that is what she feels her time and services are worth. Attempting to negotiate the price shows a escort the absolute pinnacle of disrespect because it tells her exactly what you're thinking: "I don't think you're worth that much." I appreciate that bartering and bargaining is customary in some cultures, however in Australia (and in the sex industry in particular) it is considered quite rude and offensive.


Getting annoyed when I don't respond to messages outside of my working hours.

Everybody needs a day off. Please respect that escorts are people too. I have a family and a life outside of escorting and cannot be available 24/7.


Becoming aggressive inside or outside of the bedroom/threatening my reputation online.

If you threaten an escort, not only have you ruined your chances of ever seeing her, you've most likely gotten yourself added to many other girls' blacklists simultaneously.


Showing up to your booking drunk or on drugs.

Just don't do it!


Showing up to your booking with no money, or not enough money.


Make sure you treat your escort with kindness and respect. A lot of working girls contact each other for references regarding their experiences with a certain client. If you're on one escort's blacklist, you are guaranteed to end up on another, and another, and another...